Sawcat's Sims - Sims 1 FAQ

Confused about expansions versus deluxe versions?

I'm old school, so I refer to things by the expansion packs as they came out. But some of you may have been newer converts and have deluxe versions, so here is the breakdown of the deluxe versions by eps.

  • Deluxe = The Sims + Livin Large
  • Double Deluxe = The Sims + Livin Large + House Party
  • Mega Deluxe = The Sims + Livin Large + House Party + Hot Date
  • Complete Collection = The Sims + Livin Large + House Party + Hot Date + Vacation + Unleashed + Superstar + Makin Magic

The lots aren't zoned as you say when I install them

I just noticed that when I checked one of my community lots in my game that it was now zoned as residential. It worked property when built, but since then I had to get Deluxe to reinstall on my newer computer, so my guess is that its a Deluxe issue. Here's how to fix it.

  • Go into the hood where you wish to place the lot. Rezone and bulldoze the lot where my lot will go so it matches what I made it as. Exit the game
  • Install the lot into that hood where you rezoned the lots.
  • Now when you re-enter the hood, the lot will be properly zoned.