Sawcat's Sims

All of the objects on this page were hacked by me during the hacking courses at Sims College. If no ep is listed, it only requires The Sims

Family only bathroom sets

Interest Bookcase
Study Travel, 60s, Music, Politics, Fashion and Hollywood
Requires Hot Date

Magic Bear for Kids
Generates spells and charms
Requires Makin Magic

Dogs Skills Hydrant
Dogs increase their skills with use
Requires Unleashed

Cat Skills Scratcher
Cats increase their skills with use
Requires Unleashed

Multi colored pet bed
One bed, six colors
Requires Unleashed

Multi colored table
One table, four colors

People Summoner
Summon sims to your lot

Interest Chair

Light Chair
Acts as a light

University Chair
Learn every skill

Welcome Clock
Automatically welcomes sims who come on the lot
Requires Livin Large