Sawcat's Sims -About Me

Welcome to my little Sims corner. I started making objects for Sims 1 in 2004, shortly after the release of the Makin Magic expansion pack. Most of my objects revolve around the Harry Potter fandom, but I may get into my other fandoms if I can rebuild my game.

I'm not going as much into fandom themes for Sims 2 so far. I may in the future. But for now, I mostly do recolors to fill a void I find in offered custom content, requests or for challenges.

The Layout

The CSS starter site for the CSS impaired is from Desdemona's Lab.

Sims in the header are made by me. They are my selfsim and my pixel muse, and I don't intend on sharing them. If you're interested in the custom content used on them, pm me and I'll tell you.

Contact Me

Need to contact me? You can reach me a variety of ways:

- At Sawcat's Sims Livejournal
- Via the Sawcat's Sims Yahoo Group
- PM me at Reflex Forum or MTS2, username sawcat