Sawcat's Sims - Mod type stuff

Extracted items

These items are not stand alone items. You must have the Expansion pack they were extracted from. This will only make them show up in the buy menu of residnetial zoned lots. (I know the fish don't show in community lots buy, I've not double checked the other items, or other lot types).

Download Buyable Ceramics
Requires Free Time
Includes both good and bad sets of the craftable ceramics.

Download Buyable Fish, Boot, and Fishing Pole
Requires Seasons

Download Date Roses and good date letter
Requires Nightlife

Download Buyable Reagents
Requires Apartment Life

Default Replacements

Remember, you can only have one default replacement for each type in your game at once. If you use other replacements for the Genie or Bad Witch, you must remove them before using these.

Default Replacement Genie Skintone

Default replacement for the Freetime Genie, using Astiee's Purple Glow, with Pooklet's edit of the Yumedust Stardust eye + Anva sclera. Props go to IAmTheRad for figuring out how to do it in the first place.

Requires Free Time

Default replacement for the Apartment Life Evil Witch

Default replacement for the AL Evil Witch skintone, using Astiee's Green Reflection. There is some transparency to this overlay, enough to have a hint at the sim's original skintone but still see the green (about 60%). This shows the overlay on S1-S4

Requires Apartment Life